INSOL International in association with INSOL India presents - India Virtual Seminar

23 - 25 February, 2021 02PM to 03PM |

23 - 25 February 2021 – INSOL International India Virtual Seminar In association with INSOL India

23 February – 2.30pm IST

- How should India deal with the pandemic NPA deluge?

- Rescue and revival options for a distressed company in India and Directors' duties in a distressed company

- Keynote Address with the Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Supreme Court of India


24 February – 2.30pm IST

- Prepacks – will they work in India?

- Challenges in arriving at consensual resolution in India


25 February - 2.30pm IST

- How has IBC performed so far in resolving stress?

- Next frontiers for IBC – cross-border, personal insolvency, group insolvency

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