Designated Website for publishing various forms under the Code

Posted On : March 07, 2018

In order to streamline the process of information collection and dissemination, the IBBI has set up a facility for publication of various forms which are required to be submitted by an interim resolution professional, a resolution professional or a liquidator under the Code.  Insolvency professionals are now required to send the various forms provided under the Code (for example, form A dealing with the public announcement under the CIRP regulaitons) to a designated email address provided by the IBBI in its circular dated 23rd February 2018.  These forms have to be sent to the IBBI within the timelines prescribed under the Code and relevant regulations formulated thereunder. The IBBI is vested with the powers to call for information and records from the insolvency professionals and is also empowered to collect and maintain records relating to the insolvency and bankruptcy cases, in order to disseminate information relating to such cases, as may be required.