270 Days of the Journey of IBC 2016: Insolvency Summit

Posted On : October 04, 2017

The recently concluded Insolvency Summit held at The Taj in Mumbai, led by INSOL India and SIPI, with the support of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, and organized by Legal Era, was a success as all the stakeholders came together and shared their experiences and views and also the way forward. It not only digged out some of the relevant cases but also some sentiments amongst the stakeholders. Some of the highlights of the summit were the speech of Dr. M.S. Sahoo chairperson IBBI in the opening session and Member judicial Mumbai Bench Justice Mukul Sherawat. Both in a very enlightening manner not only presented their views but at the same time showed their conviction in the Code and justice. All the plenary session were well designed and had been executed in very informative and engaging manner. Presence of INSOL India and it’s members efforts were felt through out. The crux of the summit was to restore justice for lenders while not being harsh on borrowers for the simple reason that they are the drive force for any economy to grow and sustain.